What A Man

Dear Hubsend (yes, that’s how we say it in our *Flamly*), aka: DLove:

Although I try to tell you all the time, I want you to know how I thrill to the life and love our children are having -every day- under the attention of your doting hands, and heart. The dedication with which you go through ALL the paces, every day, is staggering. You liberate me to pursue a ceaselessly engaging and demanding career, and bestow upon me the honor to do so for our family (flamly). Although I miss you all so often, I’m ALWAYS secure in the knowledge our kids are cared for at a level beyond any kids I have ever known! The gift is profound. You are amazing. I can’t describe it. I hope this video tribute to you, DLove, sheds some light on the true daily drudge yet divine dance you perform, day in and day out. I hope you are as proud of yourself as I am of you for this. Fatherhood; you define it! I love you and I thank you. Our family is indebted to you.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to a wonderful day with you -and the kids today- as every day.  And with special New York Loved Ones to boot.  HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!

Tender Clown Wife

Daddy Love 2014 [click to play, 6 mins & 48 secs]: http://youtu.be/0MPXjHGfLFI


PS: Here you are this very Father’s Day, doin’ your thang.  LOVE!


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!  (Brooklyn Style)

Brooklyn Style Road-Food Breafast in Bed

Dalia & Eddie's Wedding

@ Dalia & Eddie’s Wedding


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