L-I-V-I-N at Breakneck Speed

You wanna hear something boring?  Redundant at least; So much to blog, so little time!

If I could, I would (share all about):

1) Wiggles surpassing the 4-Week Mark
2) Gavin the Toy Store Window Design Contest Winner

3) Our Tax Preparation “Helper” today (CJ on the floor scissoring essential statements)

4) Just My Cute Kids (last night, asleep and awake, respectively)

5) Tae Kwon Do Boy in General

6) The Pain of the Failure of My Kids to Frigging Get it Together and DEPART After Class Today Whilst Losing My Phone and Ultimately Finding It. (don’t worry, I won’t waste your time on that one.  Just feel my pain okay?)

7) Life with Bunnies these days

FORGET about all the media and communication efforts I beat my brains out over at my son’s school.  Someone recently proposed we should check to see whether we have permission to check what kids have permission to be photographed. (Yes, you read that right; permission to get permission.) At first I totally chafed.  Kinda freaked actually.  Then it was like clouds parting:  What if -(now that it’s being asked)- the answer is NO, and I *COULDN’T* make such contributions to the school?!?!?!!!!  Then I wouldn’t have the sense of DUTY.  How frigging LIBERATING!!

[Gosh and not to mention GIGS, come to think of it.  The very thing my whole family’s life bends and pulls to accommodate.  That I don’t tend to talk about (yet;  my web designer swears I should biz blog).  That I *DO.*  Make the donuts. [Click to play, Time to Make the Donuts, 30 seconds]:

TONIGHT I push old files around and off my old computer (desktop PC, with which it feels like having an affair on my newish MacBook with an old boyfriend or something… I know it so well, and the familiarity feels so good…. but it’s so WRONG).

And I find nuggets like THIS [click to play 2011-06 Penzicat Loves Me (my erstwhile baby, almost 3 years ago… just before he became a Big Bruder, come to think of it), [1min,1sec]:

Meanwhile, DH is out procuring provisions.  My kids are being babysat by the TV.  I’m taking a quick break from Total Recall Tax Prep to dally *here* on CircusKitchen.com.  Am I a bad mom?  Hell no.  Or if I am, it ain’t because of THIS PARTICULAR inattentive moment.  It just IS.  BTW, Is it bedtime for the kiddoes yet?  Ah; soon.  Wish me luck.



ClaraJane [Not yet three, padding into the office]:  “Mamma you want to dance wif me?”

Me [Not looking up from this post]:  I’m glad you’re feeling better honey.

CJ: No!  I haf a booboo on my ‘nee and it riyee hohts.

Me:  [Right, sure.]  OK!
CJ:  Mamma dance wit yo ahms!  Yike ‘dis.  ‘Woo hoo!  Yaaaay!  Weeee!’  [Pads back out.]


CJ [Climbing up on my yap… reaching for the computer and other crap on my desk]:  Mommy my yuvvy is on tine-OUT.

Me:  Your lovey is on time out?

CJ:  Ye-ah.

Me:  What did your lovey do?

CJ:  My yuvvy yust ‘macked me.

Me:  Your lovey just smacked you?

CJ:  Yeah.  And now I need da timer. [Getting down and padding back into other room.]

Hey, don’t get any ideas.  I do not -I repeat, I do NOT- “‘mack” my kids.  If I did, I would SMACK them.  But I don’t do that either.  FTR it is her Dear Bruder who earned the esteemed Tine-Out today, for ‘macking someone at Tae Kwon Do.  With his uniform belt.

The tragedy.  The comedy.   Where’s my beer?


PPS:  Later still, DH is back & spearheading bedtime, bless him.  Boy is all wailing in MAJOR protest about his unjust life.  DH is calmly letting him.  Girl climbs in my lap and talks about “bruder c’ying yike a baby,” (says my current baby).

I agree, adding, “Though we don’t like to see him sad like this.”

She gently rests her head on me and says, “Yes we do.”

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3 Responses to L-I-V-I-N at Breakneck Speed

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Well worth reading for the last line…..!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jane Ann Nelson says:

    I’d love to see photos of Gavin’s award winning window display. Could you post?

    Jane Ann Nelson 972-679-2335

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