Design-A-Window Contest Winner

On this day back in January, we discovered that Stella Bella, our local toy store, was holding a Design-A-Window Display Contest.  Gavin gave it a go:

Fliing Shark by Gavin

Fliing Shark by Gavin

On March 12th they called me to say GAVIN WON!

2014-03-12 16.13.27


Here, in his words, is what’s going on in the design:

Artist's Notes

Artist’s Notes

Here is the store’s resident artist bringing his design to life:


Tatiana installing the display

Here is our “designer” through the window:

Way to go Buddy!

Gavin posing in his window

He also won a $50 Gift Certificate (Toys Toys Toys!):

2014-03-12 17.04.25

From Artist to Artist

Full disclosure:  I had suggested the theme of his drawing, but only by reminding him of this drawing he did in December which I loved:

Original Volcano Shark

Original Volcano Shark

Here’s his re-vamped, award-winning rendering:

A closer look

“Fliing” Volcano Shark on Steroids

Way to go buddy!


The Winner!

Stay tuned for: What He Did with the Money

(And special thanks to Aunt Jane Ann for requesting this post!)


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3 Responses to Design-A-Window Contest Winner

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    This is SO exciting! Congratulations, Gavin!

  2. Aunt Elizabeth says:

    Yay, Gavin!!! Way to go! Love your design, man!! 🙂

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