Saturday with My Kids

Because I’m usually booked on weekends, when I’m NOT it is an extra glorious treat.  This Saturday Daddy went to work instead, so I had the kids -AND a weekend day- with them to myself.  After a glorious morning at home, we made the big treck OUT.

Slushy Snow + Kids = Cute!

Slushy Snow + Kids = Cute!

After making it to the bank before it closed, we went to the Kids’ Mecca in our neighborhood that is Stella Bella Toys (Inman Square, Cambridge).  All was well as the kids perused -and frolicked in the brilliant little indoor “ball pit”- when I realized we were almost out of time on the parking meter.  (Yes, in that weather, I had deferred to the kids when they opted for the car.)  I could literally see my car across the street, but we were several snowboot laces and zippers away, and we were still having FUN.  So check this out; I used Google on my phone to call the pub across the street (The Druid), and asked the bartender if he would kindly consider helping me out by feeding a quarter into the meter; and he did!   So, first, more of this:     2014-01-18 Ball Pit Kids [10 seconds]:

Then we stop by said Pub to thank the bartender, and he says don’t worry about it, refusing my tip.  We start to leave when Gavin says, “Mom, why don’t we eat *here*?  There’s a free table right *there*…”  So, that’s what we did.  And the kids were remarkably couth and civilized about it too.

Daddy's Little Diners

Daddy’s Little Diners

For 2 and 5 year-olds anyway!

Not bad. (o;

Not bad. (o;

*Sigh.*  I loved it.  (I also loved the new found latitude to be able to *afford* such gratuitous expenses.  Not stressed = awesome.)

Me = Lucky Mom!

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3 Responses to Saturday with My Kids

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Sacred in the mundane…which is not mundane at all.

  2. Kathy Ziegler says:

    Fun to read. And, I am glad you had such a delightful day with such delightful children.

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