Crazy Bunny Lady Starter Kit

Last week I went to adopt a BUNNY.  After a beautiful drive west, I found myself at the headquarters of Animal Craze Traveling Petting Zoo.  Tonya, the kind proprietor, had agreed to sell me one from her stock.  After perusing the contents of a few hutches (and trying to avoid bonding with any pigs, llamas or goats running around… aahhh, goats!), I found myself with two wonderful, incomparable options:

THIS one

This one?


THIS one?

THIS one?

After a begrudging concession from my husband over the phone, I chose… BOTH!

This is the photo I texted him before heading home, modeled after this “Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit.” (He said it’s too late for me to *start,* if you know what I mean.)

Crazy Bunny Lady Starter Kit

Crazy Bunny Lady Starter Kit

Q:  After all, what’s better than a bunny?

A:  Two Bunnies! [18 seconds]:


Fluff n' Nutter!

Fluff n’ Nutter!

Yes the kids love it:


Gavin, Nutter, Fluff n’ ClaraJane

The dollhouse I picked up from the Cambridge Kids Clothing Exchange.  (Old wooden dollhouse: $0.  New bunny habitat: Priceless!)   I sawed open the doorways so they’d be big enough for bunny butts.


Yes, they actually hop up & down the stairs

The cats like it too:


Full House!

The only problem is that FLUFF has seemed to be getting kind of, er, ROTUND.  When I bought her, Farmer Tonya palpated her tummy saying, “I don’t think she’s pregnant.”  They are both girls by the way; easier to manage, and technically can’t *become* pregnant.  I got it in my head this week that she WAS.  So I did research, felt her up a lot, and suspected that either, a) She has indeed been a *Naughty Bunny*, or 2) I’m paranoid.

Then yesterday I finally decided she wasn’t really pregnant and it was just some delusional fantasy, until… (STAY TUNED!)

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1 Response to Crazy Bunny Lady Starter Kit

  1. paysonroadfarm says:

    Loved this post! Clara Jane’s expression in the first picture is *priceless*. Rabbits are notoriously difficult to “sex”- especially when they are young (before the male parts drop). I’d double check them both myself if I were you to make sure you don’t have a breeding pair by accident. I raised rabbits for a few years and I was right about 70% of the time… so, yeah! Good luck! But baby bunnies are SO CUTE, and birth (and death and ALL that) are so great to expose kids to. Great names! So cute that the cats are cool with them! Yay bunnies!!! 😀

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