Vermont Memoratopia

Over the weekend, we (“O’s) drove up to visit my mom in Vermont for the weekend, to help and purge decades worth of old photographs.  As I helped my mom’s whole life flash before her eyes, what had for years seemed a daunting and insurmountable accumulation of memories, was by Sunday afternoon a mountain of boxes reduced to one modest shelf and one small heirloom suitcase (Hi Grandma & Grandpa Neely).    My family was angelic through the whole process, and we were done early enough to celebrate with an early dinner at the summertime burgers & ice cream stand (Hi Onion Flats), followed by fun in the yard, or what my mom deemed “epic baby pool splashing.”

Baby Sister’s First Pony Ride (Thanks Big Brother)

After purging mountains of *photos,* we were disinclined to take more *photos,* yet some material is too good to pass up.


Even if you don’t snap the shutter the *exact* moment his ass hits the pool.

Accidentally Dunked in Bubble Wow’s Pool

What does Baby Sister do in response?

Bucked off the Pony

Maybe it seems cruel to laugh at a baby face-planting off a plastic pony, and perhaps my kids were not being particularly coordinated, but… c’est la vie.

Then came Gavin’s Big Idea.  Here, click.  Enjoy.  [1 min, 12 secs]

Vive la childhood!

Then alas, what to do after Epic Baby Pool Splashing?

Curious George

Paul even used the word “wonderful”to describe the weekend.  My mom creates magical touches everywhere in her home to delight a toddler and preschooler.   Her adult *daughter* may go crazy at other aspects of her home, but who cares?   Paul and I agreed, if Gavin is happy, we’re all happy. It is so awesome to see how much Gavin looks forward to seeing his Bubble Wow and how happy, relaxed and free he is in her environment.  At one point he carried a huge rock for his daddy all the way back from the river by himself, talking excitedly the whole way.  (Happily the White River bank seems to have revitalized impressively since  Hurricane Irene.)

After we got home the next day Gavin created this taped-together montage:

“Bubble Wow’s House & Pool,  Next to Our House, and Another Pool”

Here is a shot with the Artist HimSelf:

The Artist

[Honorable Mention of the visit:  Gavin’s delight with his own “Poop of the Century” Story,  & all of us wearing BWow-Styled Orange clothes, which my mom will have to sketch if she so pleases.  (o=]


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