Poop and Pee(nis)

After inspecting a fire hydrant on a walk the other day, my son told me, thoughtfully, “Pee comes from our penis.  Because it’s a ‘PEE’-‘NIS’.”

He’s got a point.  (ba-dum-ch)

In a vaguely related scene the very next day, slowly, carefully, with his pants around his ankles, he came toddling out of the bathroom and into the throng of family members gathered in the kitchen & livingroom, carefully cradling his potty pot with its considerable, carefully laid cargo, pointed to his behind and announced, “Look what I made with my own body!”

Of course we all went berserk.  How could we not?  With this singular gesture Our Son performed the Quintessential Archetype of a Toddler’s Rite of Passage; Right of Poop Passage to be specific.  (Yes, that’s two puns in one post; deal with it.)   Of course the only person *not* overjoyed and swooning in ecstasy was his cousin Miles, who, disregarding the fact that he himself went through this very passage a mere few months ago, naturally refused to be impressed.

Here it is in illustrated form, courtesy of Mary Margaret, my mother, otherwise known in our home as “Bubble Wow:”

Made with his OWN BODY!

I could describe the actual quantity, consistencies (yes there were more than one) and odor of the pot’s contents, but I guess you had to be there.


Or better yet, here’s how Mom put it:

CLASSIC moment of sweet little Gavin showing us the fruits of his labors in the bathroom, and proudly explaining “I made this with my BODY” and pointing to his bum.  And all of us going insane with happiness over it (especially those who would have otherwise had to deal with an extraordinarily full, moist, and aromatic pullup).  Except of course for the boy cousin who says “Pee-eww!  That stinks!” offering not one speck of empathy even though he’s just been through the same stage.

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2 Responses to Poop and Pee(nis)

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Most of your readers will no doubt be *very happy* they were *not* there!

    A pot o’ stuff only a mother could love (and a father, an auntie, a grandmother, and anyone else who would otherwise need to wrangle an odious diaperful of the stuff).

  2. Bubble Wow says:

    JULY 2012
    A year later, now older, wiser, more accomplished, fully appreciative of jokes, and able to laugh at himself, Gavin spied this pictorial depiction of the Poop of the Century on Bubble Wow’s fridge and loved it.
    He fashioned it into a Gavin-riddle:
    Gavin: “What did Miles say about the Poop of the Century?”
    Mom: “Uh, he said ‘oh, this is great!’?”
    Gavin: “Nooo! ”
    Mom: “Okay, did Miles say, ‘Good job, Gavin!’?”
    Gavin: “Nooo, he didn’t say that!”
    Mom: “Did Miles say, ‘Cool pooping, Gavin!’?”
    Gavin: “Nooo!”
    Mom: “Okay, I give up. What did Miles say?”
    Gavin: “He said, ‘PEE-EUWW, THAT STINKS!!'”
    Gavin then carefully inserted his copy of “The Poop of the Century ” sketch into the treasure box of oddments he’d assembled from Bubble Wow’s house, took it home, framed it, and showed it to Miles. Together they had a good guffaw about their younger selves and the distant ordeal of “potty training”.

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