Orange Shirt

In an effort to blog more frequently and less preciously (amidst so much beautiful material flying past me every day), I offer this nugget, as written my my mom.

***********On Jul 10, 2012 8:48 PM, “Mary Margaret” wrote:***********

My puppies..

Here’s the story…supper in the park, kids played in fountain, sun went down, Gavin says “I’m cold!”, catching mommy uncharacteristically unprepared with no clean dry clothes…only some Bubble Wow mail that came while they were away in NC. So he opens the first package and it’s…

A CLEAN DRY T SHIRT! ***************************

Who’s got an orange t-shirt?

You know he loved it because he’s happily posing for the photo, saying “*I* do!!!”

What you can’t see behind the envelope is the pile pasta and mashed sardines in which ClaraJane is sitting.   “Of COURSE CJ is sitting in mashed sardines!” says my mom, the Incomparable “Bubble Wow.”


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