How to Get Out of Danger

Gavin:  Baby Sister can’t stay by herself, right?

Me:  No. You either!

G:  Right. Because we’re KIDS!  And you can’t live without us *either.*

M:  That’s right.  I couldn’t.

G:  Because then we would get in DANGER.  And I would shout, “HEEEEEEEEELP!”  And then the Superheroes would come, and go to the dollar store to find you, and then they would bring you to where WE are!

Just in time, HEEEELP arrives!

They know JUST where to go…

Lady you forgot your KIDS!

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6 Responses to How to Get Out of Danger

  1. Aunt Elizabeth says:

    Love this entry, Jen! Your kids are lucky that they will have endless stories to relive when reading them years from now. (AND videos!).

  2. Bubble Wow says:

    Dear Jenny: When you were 5 y/o you asked me if when you grew up and had kids if I would babysit them while you go shopping.

    • Hi Mom. Are you sure that wasn’t Amanda who said that? In any case, I’m all set with that. However you are still welcome to babysit them anytime while I go *working,* or for any reason at all! xoxox (o;

      • Bubble Wow says:

        No, it was you. The Dollar Store or its 1975 equivalent may have been what you had in mind. Does this make me a Superhero?

  3. Superhero? You put up with me don’t you?!

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