My 4 y/o Big Boy

“UH!  Mamma!  I hurt my BUM!”  my boy calls from his bath. “I hurt the cheek of my bum!”

“Which cheek?” I ask.

“THIS one!”  Now the re-enactment. “I hurt *this* cheek of my bum, when I sat down on the edge of *this.*”  He shows me the culprit; one of his bath toys buckets.

Doing my best to hide amusement, I say, “OK. Do you want me to kiss it?”  (That is usually where the whole Presentation of BooBoo performances end up.)

“Yeah,” he says.

“OK. I”ll kiss the clean wet left bum cheek of my four year old on his birthday.”

There was some awkward negotiation as to positioning, since I wasn’t in fact willing to submerge my face in the bath to kiss it while still in sitting position.  Did I mention his cousin as the innocent bystander in this scene?  He had been hanging out waiting for Gavin to come out and play, but at this display he gave up in disgust.

Then my boy exclaims, “It was so fast it went away… strait ahead!  It went away so fast it was… right now!”

*sigh*  BooBoo all better now.  The joy of being infused with the power of such Maternal Magic is so priceless that, yes,  I will kiss his BooBoos however long he wants me to.  (I’m picturing myself driving out to visit him at college…)  Even on a bum cheek.  (Although admittedly handy it was so clean at the time this time.)


Eventually I would like to also blog about all what ACTUALLY went down on this day,  my son’s 4th Birthday.  But for now… I content myself with this little gem.  What it’s all about (vs. what it takes to get it).

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