The Author Celebration of Miles J. Kolonoski

On Friday we were invited to attend the “Author Celebration” of my nephew Miles, whose school age is 3 at the Tobin Montessori School in Cambridge.   Here is both our video and written review of the event.  Congratulations Miles, and enjoy! (o;

[1 min, 36 secs]

It was so cute.
We got parking and made it on time.
The lobby was bustling full of a reception for the parents, with coffee, baked goods & juice.
They made an announcement and introduced the school’s “Literacy Coach,” who provided  guides for the types of things to say when interacting with the Authors (eg:  “I see the pictures you drew match your story,”  instead of “Great job!”).

We went to the classroom and Miles’ group was stationed on an oval rug in the front of the class, each seated by their own little mat displaying their name card and story.  The stories (for his age group) were a one page affair… well, half of a piece of 8.5×11″ paper.  Miles’ story read: “I like to help my mom shop at Trader Joe’s” with some drawings.   After touring the works of several authors, we were asked to take seats while the children gave a presentation.  Gavin took a seat in the middle of the carpet and said, “Excuse me, Miss Kelly?  Can you get Mark for me?”  I was like, who is Miss Kelly, and how do she and Gavin know each other?  (Miles’ teacher, and drop offs with Miles, obviously).  Then Gavin turned around and growled at the girl behind him and said, “*I* was sitting there!”  I said said, “Gavin relax! You don’t even GO here!” (Fortunately the parents laughed.)

The kids sang some songs as appointed older kids pointed out the words on a big paper for the younger kids to follow along.  They would each take a bow at the end of the song and pass the baton to the next pointer kid.  The last piece was a slightly strange sounding poem, which the teacher and children were proud to explain was an original piece composed by the children themselves.  We were told that they had been working very hard, and everyone clapped. Then we were encouraged to write feedback notes on the board so the students could read and discuss together afterwards.

On the whole a very satisfying experience.  It was an honor and a pleasure for us to attend.  And Gavin actually got to his own school earlier than usual, go figure.

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