Nice Catch!

This morning at breakfast, when one of his baby sister’s pieces of food hit the floor, Gavin said, “Hey, nice catch! The floor just caught that piece of apple!”


Thank god for Kids, reminding us sometimes to just be psyched for any damn reason. I mean like, gravity right? It IS pretty cool. Only stuff like my career, and life on earth as a whole, depends upon it.  Awesome!  This seems obvious to us now.  But who knows, maybe that’s what Isaac Newton thought to himself that time the apple hit the ground; “Nice catch!”

Yes. Let us be Psyched. Or as Gavin would say, a propo of nothing in particular; “Let’s LAUGH!”

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2 Responses to Nice Catch!

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Indeed, let’s laugh. Because whatever it is, it could be much, much worse. But it isn’t, and, as I always say — “Does one of the kids have leukemia? No? Thank you, Jesus. We can deal with this set of problems. No sweat. It’s not leukemia.”
    And it’s counterproductive to worry and work every minute, even with looming deadlines. Taking a break to draw a picture, edit a video, or “do homework” with a bookish 4 y/o, are restorative. Small successes can keep us going. Indeed it’s sometimes astonishing how much of an impact a tiny success can have. “Oh, that spot came out of the rug after all? Yea!!!!!!”
    When you take a break to knit a sweater but the pattern’s errors bring you size 12 sleeves for a size 6 body, and you spend days wondering if you misread or if it’s really the pattern that’s wrong, THAT is a bummer. Even your recreation has turned on you.
    Well, there’s always gravity. And maybe the city will dismiss a $120 parking fee.

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