ClaraJane’s First Swim

[2 min, 26 secs] 

Film notes:

1)  The subtitle of this movie is “Got it!”

2) About the music, it is the french version of “Beyond the Sea” of Bobby Darrin fame.   I’ve always had mixed feelings about the lyrics, which are about finding your love and giving up sailing.   Sad as it seems to give up sailing -one of my husband’s big passions- to me it’s more a tribute to how we have come ashore to put down roots together and enjoy the biggest adventure of our lives: our children!  And besides, maybe not as often as before, but we still get out on the water from time to time…

3) Aussi… j’aime les choses francaises par ce que je voudrais me souvenir a *parler* le francais quelquefois!  Ma fille et moi, nous avons des noms au milieu francaise (“Marguerite”), les langes sont important, and je doit enseigner mes enfants!

4)  And yes I know, I married the most wonderful BabyDaddy man in the world.  I KNOW!

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3 Responses to ClaraJane’s First Swim

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Confused, but didn’t cry! Excellent opp for Goddess Thigh Rolls display.

  2. HI SIS! 🙂 I haven’t commented YET (Well now I have), but I HAVE (gasp SHOCKER?) been checking out your blog posts already 🙂 & I Love you guys ❤ 🙂 Miss you guys so much. & Keep up the good work, you're inspiring me as usual like you've done my whole life. I unfortunately for technology's sake, inherited our Father's techno-resistant/challenged genes. I have yet to finish a website or blog for myself and keep it up. I dunno how you do it. But keep on' keepin' on Sistah! 😉 😛 Maybe I'll be able to figure it out & catch up to you a bit before TOO long 😛 ugh wish me luck & godspeed. I love "sacred in the mundane", & that you are so good at capturing these precious moments I'm not able to be there in person for. ❤ you guys ttyl

    • Hi Darling, so great to hear from you. Delighted to hear you follow our blog! I do think it’s the next best thing to “being there.” But yes, your niece and nephew need to meet you! And by the way, THIS blog is not something I have to *try* to do; the material inspires itself. (You will probably see when you have kids, how obsessed you become with them.) I actually have to discipline myself to NOT work on it, because I have to make a living. (Shucks!) You have a lot of passions and talents. ENJOY the journey of discovery seeing where they take you! You’ve come so far already and the sky’s the limit. (ie: No limit!) Godspeed indeed my dear, I love you. ❤

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