Circumstantical Evidence

As of today our BabyGirl has officially grown FOUR inches and gained FIVE pounds in the mere TWO months she has been alive.  All on breastmilk.  What’s IN that stuff??  Breastfeeding is like voodoo.  You can’t SEE it happening, there is only EVIDENCE of it happening (like spit up, soiled diapers and weight gain).  Other than that it is just a magic feeling and an inexplicable bonding activity with your baby (sometimes causing profound immodesty in public; ahem).

Let’s do the stats.  CJ has grown from 20 inches at birth to 24 inches now, and from 7 pounds  at birth to 12 pounds now.  In other words, she grew 25% of her height, and 60% of her weight (in two months; less actually).   If I did that, I would be 7 feet tall and 230 pounds.   (Bigger than Paul).  And man, I think I would be a LOT more fussy than my daughter has been!

Speaking of fussy, on those rare and adorable cranky times, who do you think she takes after; me or her daddy?  (Hint: Regrettably, *my* cranky times are neither so rare nor so adorable.)

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One Response to Circumstantical Evidence

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    The process you describe — incredible milk in, incredible growth out — is just one of those everyday miracles often not recognized as such. IMHO. I mean, truly, doesn’t it make you feel lucky to be a woman?
    As for the cranky gene, I can think of several candidates.

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