Farewell Summer on Castle Island

Saying goodbye to summer on Labor Day with a picnic supper on Castle Island.

(Video ~1 min)

Daddy:  Do you like airplanes Gavin?
Gavin:  Yeah!.
Mommy:  Good ‘cuz there’s gonna be so many airplanes it will BLOW YOUR MIND.
Gavin: [Pause.]  But Mo-o-o-o-m!  I don’t WANT airplanes to blow my MIND!


And here we are doing the same thing last year (minus ClaraJane, although our boy’s favorite color hasn’t changed…)

(Video ~1 min)

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2 Responses to Farewell Summer on Castle Island

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    How precious, priceless. We take it for granted, but in no way should, that two people can create out of thin air two more people, of such perfection and brilliance and, yes adorableness. Look at those big perfectly set eyes on C, her little Thompson mouth, her little faint resemblance to Oberhauserness. The classic little milk-sucking stance. She so perfectly “assumes the position.” Gavin in umbrella redux. Look how much his hair grew in only a few months into a wild brush that had to be tamed, to make him “a real boy.” What a sweet tradition. Castle Island, just the family, to close the summer (in gourmet style) and welcome autumn. Mommy, a milk machine. Who knew? A perfect family, created by you. You can do anything. Thanks for sharing magic moments. Oh, and of course, ClaraJane’s legs hanging over from Dad’s grasp, too long even for Paul’s football hold. Just like bro G. She has no idea how lucky she is. Well, she knows she can count on the milk spigot, that much she knows. Another miracle, a mom can put ten pounds on a baby through the transfer of milk, mysteriously produced in deeply-seated latent milk-producing apparatus called forth from quiesence, from her body to babe’s. That’s without a morsel of strained carrots or a grain of cereal. When she starts solid, extrinsic food, she’ll probably handle Beef Wellington, no problem.
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