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Sibling Tooth Extraction

aka:  How to Make 3 Dollars in 3 Easy Steps! Monday, February 27th 2017 STEP 1:  Have brother remove your loose tooth with his head (as dramatically reenacted here): STEP 2:  Leave tooth in Tooth Fairy Pillow [TFP] while you … Continue reading

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Tooth Monster

Thursday, November 12th 2015 In place of Gavin’s lost upper front and center tooth, the new one growing in is so big it’s been knocking the adjacent one askew.  Finally dangling from sinew, the askew one came out yesterday on the … Continue reading

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7 Year-Old Transformation

Labor Day Weekend Camping 2015     By Friday of Labor Day, we are camping. During an art project I brought, Gavin dips his hair in blue.   Next night, starting in on an ear of corn, the boy’s tooth … Continue reading

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