AT RISE: Ten Seconds to Talk

Friday, April 2nd 2021


AT RISE: It’s Friday night and the amazing Oberhauser Four are deciding what to watch on TV.

MOM: How about Falcon and the Winter Soldier?

CJ & GAV: OOO-OOO-OOOHHH!! [Simultaeneously] JINX!!!

CJ: [Knocks on wooden table where she’s standing.] One-two-three-four-five-six-seven…

GAV Crap! [Dives from couch to hardwood floor. Knocks on wood.] One-two…

CJ: ...eight-nine-ten-YOU’RE JINXED!

MOM: Awww! [Heckling her son.] No chance. Not even close!

CJ: [Squeals in delight.]. OK but don’t.. don’t say his name or anything.

GAV: [Gets up.]

MOM: OK fine but be nice to him!

CJ: OK OK OK! I will. I’ll just… [looks at brother] torture him a little bit.

MOM: Right. ‘Cuz that’s nice.

GAV: [Starts miming frantically.]

CJ: Well well... [Looks at her brother.] Fine. Ten seconds to talk.

GAV: [Speaking up.]. You know what? I’m so nice to you!

CJ: That’s true. [Giggles.]

GAV: What have I… When have I ever… [Looks at parents.]. Name one thing I’ve done that was mean to her!

CJ: Ten seconds are up!

EVERYONE: [Laughs.]




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