Adventures in Food: Legacy Pie Day

Sunday, March 14th 2021 ~ aka: 3.14 ~ aka: “Pi”


Legacy heirloom ancestral heritage generational resurrection pie!

The diameter of this pie fits around its circumference ~3.14159265359… times.


When I get back from my gig the hubsand and ankle biters are all in the kitchen, baking. Chef Daddy is overseeing ClaraJane making pound cake, and Gavin making pie, in honor of PI DAY; 3.14. (o:

In fact, he pulled out this heirloom from Paul’s birth mom’s box of recipes:

Aunt Vera McCormick helped cook for two generations of Oberhausers.


Gavin’s process began by finding, “deciphering” and “translating” this recipe.

Gavin writes in tiny, faint pencil… drives me nuts!


He really toiled over this pie.

At last!


It was worth the wait!

A little risky if you wait to long though…



Loved it, Boy. Delicious. Congrats on doing all the work and seeing it through. And thanks for feeding us delicious, delicious, homemade PI!


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  1. MIMI BREED says:

    Wowzer!!! What an excellent project!


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