At Rise: BAD Morning

Saturday, February 20th 2021


AT RISE: It is Saturday morning. Dad is cooking breakfast and Mom is the table. The closed door to Boy’s bedroom is on the other side of the table. The door opens.

BOY: [Emerges from room and dramatically enters family area, glides across the “stage” with an extended thespian arm and bellows in a booming, cartoonish bad guy voice]: ***BAD*** MORNING! MWUAH HA HA HA!!!

MOM: [Jumps up and claps excitedly at the performance.]

BOY: [Takes bow.]


EPILOGUE: Boy comes over to Mom for laughing hugs. Mom says, “Do you accept tips? That was so good I want to pay you!” Boy says, “Sure!” Mom grabs jar of one dollar bills and throws a dollar at him. Reaches for another. It’s a $5. “Wait, I’m not going to pay you a five. Here.” Throws another single.



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