Saturday, January 9th 2020


I organized something that I don’t know what it is!

There is an online video game called “Among Us” that is some kind of social “whodunnit” sleuth kind of experience you can do with others.

Because of some of the social ills that have come out of a year full of shit and quarantine, I was inspired by a fellow parent to organize a game for our kids who usually go camping together (and whose names affectionately spell “SPLOOP.”)

  1. We agreed to a time
  2. I sent a group email proposing the idea.
  3. At 4:45pm he emailed everyone the *link* for a Google Meet, so the kids could log on to see and chat with each other while playing.
  4. At 5pm my son emailed everyone the Among Us *code* to play the same game together.

With barely a “hey,” seamlessly the got right to work; troubleshooting technical problems and jumping into play.

Now they are busy typing away and chatting and sleuthing and accusing and proposing “tasks” and voting and asking each other questions and sharing info and troubleshooting together.


SPLOOP AMONG US, with “Fox,” “Arson,” “Eggplant,” “SuperStar,” “a chinese character that looks like X,” and “JINGLEBELLS!”


“If I die, it was Zaida.”

“Wait, who died?”

“Who are we voting for?”

“OK everyone watch me do a task.”

“I can prove that I’m clear. I can do med bay scan! Follow me. Look!”

“I can’t tell who’s the imposter but it’s Eggplant.”

“I think it was Arson.”

“No it wasn’t.”

“Eggplant! You did not do the task.”

“What! Oh my god! OK fine! Vote me off.”

“Yeah but when someone kills you, you don’t say it.”

“What kind of pet should I have? Alien Dog, Red Crab or…”

“Get the Alien Dog.”

“I disconnected.”

“Why am I BROWN?”

“Here! I’ll read out my tasks!”


The glorious thing about this is I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what they’re doing. (Bonus fact: Generally, I hate video games. lol!)


“Now let’s play again. And if you die, don’t tell anybody!”

“Guys I’ll BRB. I need to go AFK.”

(Which translates to: “I’ll Be Right Back. I need to go Away From Keyboard.“)


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