At Rise: Home School Helper

Thursday, December 17th 2020

AT RISE: CJ is at her Distance Learning school desk at home, starting to type on her Chromebook. Mom is sitting next to her.

MOM: OK, are you all set?

CJ: Mm-hmm.

MOM: Do you need anything?

CJ: Nope.

MOM: Do you want me to take your Kindle and your stuffy so they won’t be a distraction?

CJ: [Grabs stuffed animal into a tight hug. Deliberately places Kindle aside.]

MOM: OK, do you want me to take your banana peel?

CJ: [Hands Mom banana peel without looking away from computer screen.]

MOM: OK. You’re all set? Do you want help spelling ‘butt‘?


MOM: [Starts to fake cry.] You don’t NEED me anymore??

CJ: No. I DON’T. Now go away!

MOM: [Suppresses a smile. Goes away. *Free*… for a few minutes.]



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