Thanksgiving 2020

Thursday, November 26th 2020



The kids don vintage bibs by Bubble Wow: “Givin’ and Havin,” and “I”m Handy!” lol.


Zooming for Thanksgiving is about what you’d expect. Between technical challenges and standard chaos, we sign off before too long. But not before Gavin consults Bubble Wow on the best practices for how to serve Ye Traditional Can of Cranberry Sauce!



And we’re all in agreement that ’tis, “Better to have a Zoom Thanksgiving than an ICU Christmas.” And yes. Paul’s food is stupendous as ever!



Bubble Wow is thankful for the pending vaccine, and for the new Biden-Harris administration. (Halleluia Amen!)

Mary is thankful for her “fiss,” Mirabelle. (Mirabelle is a beta fish.)

Chef ManMeat is thankful for his job, for the roof over our heads; for the savings we’ve preserved that are enabling us to weather this pandemic economy; and for his North American Wife. (o:

Gavin is thankful for our security and well being; that we don’t have to worry about ourselves right now; that we can afford privileges like Thanksgiving dinner and pets; that mom is not having to find more work in a pandemic and can be home; and finally that the “pumpkin-spiced turd in the white house” will not be there very much longer!

This Mamma is thankful for family; for Boomsy Bun who brought such immeasurable joy in the short time he was with us; for the ability to withstand heartbreaks like this; to be reminded of the fragility of life; for the privilege being safe at home on Thanksgiving and of NOT spreading Covid.

ClaraJane is thankful for ice cream, that stupid cat (Kitten), her Kindle, the swing in her bedroom doorway, Roblox, TV, blankets, food, and glitter.

To which her brother replies, “Man. Woman. Person. Camera. TV!” lol


2020-11-26 CircusKitchen Thanksgiving [1:02]:



And I KNOW we still have so much work to do to help overcome racism in our country and culture; against blacks and especially Native Americans. We will do our best.

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3 Responses to Thanksgiving 2020

  1. MIMI BREED says:

    Oh, the perfection of the cranberry sauce! I could read the serial number from miles away.

    And I was so thrilled to see “Givin & Havin” and “I’m Happy” reused!!!


  2. MIMI BREED says:

    I’m almost jealous of the green bean casserole. We *almost* had it but no cigar. What we did have was ThankTastic.


  3. Hi Mom. And after all those years of you misinterpreting the face on my “I’m Happy” bunny painting (on that famous plastic plate I made in kindergarten)… I thought was perfect when my daughter put on the bib and read the words: “I’M HANDY!” lolol! ❤

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