Hospital Clowning: 25th Anniversary of the Laughter League!

Monday, November 16th 2020

The Laughter League (formerly Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit) has been performing in Boston Children’s Hospital now for 25 years! Today we celebrate with an online extravaganza featuring the whole team and lots of amazing guests.


The Laughter League’s 25th Anniversary Special! [1:14:38]:

Some VIP guests include:
Jonathan Lee Iverson, Big Apple Circus Ringmaster
Paul Binder and Michael Christensen; founders of the Big Apple Circus
Coney Island Chris
Nurse BB
The Grandson of Chuck Jones, creator of Looney Tunes characters and more
Burl Bubbles
Bello Nock (world famous legacy circus clown and amazing guy!)
and more.


Wiz-Dumb from Dr. Bafu:
1. Listen well.
2. Support your partner.
3. Breathe!


Bafu also says he sees

hospital clowns as the honey bee,

the children as the flowers, and

the laughter a the pollen.


There’s not a lot of fun in medicine,

but there’s a whole lotta medicine in fun.

~Nurse B.B.


And finally, from our beloved Beth, the director of Boston Children’s Hospital Child Life Services:

Happy Happy 25th Anniversary to our favorite clowns. You have brought laughter, magic and a sense of wonder to our patients, families and staff…. what could better than that?!?
Here is to 25 more years ahead!!!


Come to think of it: How much *is* 25 in clown years anyway?


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