AT RISE: One Breathless Moment

Friday, October 16th 2020

AT RISE: The kids are at their distance learning desks in the living room.

ALEXA: [Beeb beeb, boop boop.] This is a reminder; it’s 12:59pm. [Beeb beeb, boop boop] This is a reminder; it’s 12:59pm.

MOM: [Enters room to stand behind boy and tries massaging the back of his shoulders.]

BOY: Ahh-aahh! [Recoiling and scrunching his shoulders.].

MOM: Well no wonder, you’re a ball of nerves.

BOY: [Takes off headset and puts them down.]

MOM: [Looking at him.] You’re like one, tight. Piano wire.

BOY: OK [Starts getting up quickly].

MOM: Hang on can we just do ONE breath?

BOY: [Looks at her suspiciously.]

The Trapezius Muscle.

MOM: C’mon; ONE in, and ONE out. That’s IT.

BOY: But! But… I have class in ONE MINUTE!

MOM: PERFECT. Let’s go. [Relaxes eyes and starts inhaling deeply.]

BOY: [Keeps a side glance on Mom and inhales quickly.]

BOTH: [Hold inflated lungs for one. Breathless. Moment. And then… EXHALE.]


BOY: Bye! [Runs to take his next class over the Chromebook on the beanbag in his bedroom.]



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