AT RISE: Just Imagine

October 13th 2020

AT RISE: Mom is tucking Gavin into bed. He is worried about the upcoming federal election. Mom has taken a stab at trying to put things in perspective for him, without much success.

MOM: Yeah Boy, I don’t know what else to tell you.

BOY: Man. [Pause.] Just imagine how great the world would be if politicians had to live in the conditions they made.

MOM: [Shakes head in wonder and agreement.]. You said it, Boy. Exactly. [Smoothing his hair.]. You give me hope for the future. [Kisses his cheek.] I love you. Now try to get some sleep.

BOY: If I can.

MOM: Yup! If you can. [Turns out lights.]


Just imagine…


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3 Responses to AT RISE: Just Imagine

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    I just finished Jill LePore’s 800 pages of American history, “These Truths,” and I want Gavin to know this country has been in trouble just as serious as this in the past, more than a few times. And we survived. Every time. Tell yourself, too. It’s one reason reading history is important.
    I mean it. Tell him Bubble Wow said so. I’m upset, anxious, and tense, too, but I do believe we will turn a corner and things will get better. Maybe you should all watch “Trial of the Chicago 7” on Netflix together. See my email.

  2. bubble wow says:

    Everything is especially hard when you’re a child and have little perspective, nothing with which to compare the present.

  3. Will do Mom. We did watch Chicago 7 yesterday; so great! And I will share your wonderful words with him. ❤

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