Distance Learning IRL for a Change

Thursday, October 1st 2020

Today ClaraJane gets to go to school In Real Life! Her teacher has arranged a 3 hour socially distanced morning session for about ten 4th Graders outside on the patio.

Who could have foreseen than going to school in person for three hours would be noteworthy. Hit for this kid it’s the first time in 7 months!!

I can hardly believe these words I’m writing. Well needless to say, Girlfriend is all about it.


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2 Responses to Distance Learning IRL for a Change

  1. MIMI BREED says:

    So if kids ever do get to return to 5 days/wk IRL school, they can’t complain. Parents will just say…”remember when….”


    • Yes they say some precocious comments sometimes like, “I never thought I’d miss that place…” etc.. Who could have ever predicted that being around people was a privilege we would soon no longer afford.

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