Not Less Than Two Hours

September 22, 2020


My son just made a beautiful argument to forgo my suggestion to “Go Outside” in order to utilize most of his (currently) two-hour allotment of recreational COMPUTER TIME today instead.

He just did all this baseball yesterday, and is going to do more tomorrow, so…

I tell him it’s understandable he would feel that way, and then I concede.

What I don’t tell him is that I never would have imagined myself agreeing –to a child who has spent most of the day online for school– that he can have more time online for recreation.

I was a rower for chrissake. We had grueling workouts 6 to 10 times per week. And we subscribed to this edict:

First of all, I’m hardly an athlete anymore. For the past 20 years or so my primary exercise has been hauling props, blowing up balloons, juggling, and carnival barking my shows in backyards and public parks around New England. Most of which came to a screeching halt with this pandemic six months ago.

Also, I hadn’t remembered the quote was by a slave-raping plantationer. No doubt anyone who mines free labor from subjugated victims could also indulge in the privilege of two recreational hours per day,

But anyway…

Moments later Daddy comes out of his office and says to Gavin, “You want to throw a ball around? Or play frisbee? I’d love to play frisbee with you.”

Gavin smiles politely and says, “No thanks!” and proceeds to wash the dishes before “rotting” his brain.

Hey man we’re doing our best over here.

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