September 2020: Back to School…ish

Friday, September 11th 2020

Back-to-School meeting with the New Teacher IRL!

Outside with masks but we were really there!

ClaraJane with her new 4th Grade Teachers; Ms. Stacey & Mr. Jeremiah

We didn’t even go *in* the school but it still felt amazing to be there.

So far so good.

CJ’s Kinda Back-to-School Outfit (o:

Here ClaraJane’s Almost-Back-to-School ensemble also features the new bucket of school supplies because Ms. Stacey is determined to cultivate some of the learning *offline.*

Here’s hoping!


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1 Response to September 2020: Back to School…ish

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Bow in hair, plaid dress, black boots — classic schoolgirl. CJ you look mahvelous! And you’re so smart and innovative, I’m sure you will learn well in fourth grade, in real life and online. Thanks for wearing your mask and staying safe!

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