AT RISE: Back Handed Gammon

Wednesday, May 28th 2020

del animated dice


AT RISE:  It is afternoon after a long day of “Distance Learning” in Corona Quarantine.  Jennifer and Paul are sitting down to destress over a nice little therapeutic round of Backgammon.

PAUL:  [Shaking the dice cup]:  Are you ready to get your butt kicked?

JENNIFER:  [Unintimidated.]  Oh really!

PAUL:  Yeah.  You were just talking about your weak lower back and everything.

JENNIFER:  Oh I see how it is.  Alright Mr. Sniffles.  I call my weak back and raise you your blocked sinuses!

GAVIN:  Alright you two.  Let ME settle this.  You’re BOTH old!!

JENNIFER:  We’ll see about that.  [Rolls dice.  Moves her pieces the wrong way on the board.]

PAUL:  Wait, did I set up the board wrong?

JENNIFER:  No.  It looks good.

PAUL:  OK.  [Takes his turn.]

JENNIFER:  Wait, did I move my pieces the wrong way?

PAUL:   Yup.

JENNIFER:  And you didn’t say anything?

PAUL:  Nope.

JENNIFER:  Wow.  You think Backgammon is such a pleasant little game…

GAVIN:  But then YOU TWO turn it into a death match!

PAUL:  Yeah pretty much.

JENNIFER:  Sounds about right.  Whose turn is it?



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