AT RISE: Don’t Hate Me

Monday, May 11th 2020

del dungeon master kill

AT RISE:  It’s afternoon of Carona Quarantine Day #59, and the Oberhauser Four are playing D&D (aka: Dungeons and Dragons).  Gavin is DM’ing (aka: He is the Dungeon Master).     It’s been a long day of homeschooling, financial management and well, marriage.  Mom is on her 3rd Dark n’ Stormy (aka: Alcoholic beverage).  Gavin is standing up and squirming on his feet.  There is a sudden odor in the air.

Mom:   Was that your fart?  [Pause.]  You need to poo.  The DM needs to poo.

Gavin:   NO.  [Keeps focus on the game.]

Mom:  Don’t hate me because I’m right.

Dad:  Hate her because she’s beautiful!

G-Dubs:  I hate her because she’s interrupting.

CJ:  Look at that cat!


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