Mother’s Day 2020

Sunday, May 10th 2020

A glorious Mother’s Day; quarantine be damned.


Dear Hubsand spoils me with his culinary skills.  I am spoiled!


Personalized menu, Brunchy Feast, homemade cards, lovely drinks and painty crafts *all* afternoon with my healthy flamly.


2020-05-10 CircusKitchen Mother’s Day 2020 [0:45]:




“New” cloth napkins, among other craftsy endeavors.


Me = Happy Mamma!



Kitten tries Mind Control.  He only wants to *taste* the lox a little… right meow. 




Peter Parker has decided that ClaraJane is his Person too.  And she is the best little kitty mamma I’ve ever seen.


What blessings.


AT BEDTIME:   I start telling my kids a bed time story and they are konked out before I am even done.   I say kiss them goodnight and go tell my husband the news.

Me:  So this is as good as it gets!

DH:  (Uh) Yup.



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1 Response to Mother’s Day 2020

  1. MIMI BREED says:

     I’m so happy you’re a Mother and to such wonderful kids, with a great Baby Daddy!


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