The Girl Who Came Back Home

Sunday, April 19th 2020


CJ safe and sound on the couch after dinner.


Without going into too much detail, the world as she knew it was just too much to take this afternoon and Darling Daughter packed essentials into a bag and headed out the door.

THANKFULLY I was able to catch up to her in time.  (Especially as we are in a global pandemic!)  And THANKFULLY she let me take her for a ride in the car.  I just drove around looking for pretty things to show her, making occasional small talk.  THANKFULLY she eventually started to open up, unburden herself a bit and finally come back home.




The next day we unpack the bag and she shows me the inventory;  Pillow, blanket, wallet, a couple tiny stuffed animals, her lavender and crystal for self-soothing, a couple pocket knives, pencils and sticky notes, ID card with a gerbil on it, kaleidoscope, snow scraper, a couple of gems, a lego, some yarn and a little good luck fairy in a jar.



She does all this to make sure I understand how serious she was, as explained on this sticky note:


“Just shows you how seriors I was”


THANKFULLY she is home safe, and we have enjoyed some extra special time in her new secret book fort.


Safe under the watchful eye of self-appointed Guard Kitten.


I am so thankful -and lucky!- every day that she is home safe.


I love you ClaraJane, more than a gazillion words could ever say.


Thank you Dear Daughter, for coming home safe and being willing to live with us.


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2 Responses to The Girl Who Came Back Home

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Love you very much, CJ. Guess what: Mary is turning into you. She’s found a book series she likes, graphic novels about “Zita” and she gets lost in them for hours. I look forward to hanging out with you again soon. Kisses…

  2. Louis B. Oberhauser says:

    CJ I have you and my other grandchildren in my prayers every day and I want you to know I feel the same way that I need to get out of the house but we need to make sure we are safe from this unseen enemy. When I was your age the polio virus was causing everyone to stay at home and avoid contact with others. My younger brother Sherm contacted polio and became paralyzed for a time but with much active therapy recovered. My cousins from Minneapolis came to live with us for a while as Minneapolis was a hot spot. Finally they developed a vaccine but it took about ten years. What can I send you that will help make your time go easier? Love you very much GP…

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