AT RISE: Who’s a Good Mamma?

Thursday, April 16th 2020

del good dog

AT RISE:  Mom and CJ are tickle-giggling on the bed.  Mom is on top of ClaraJane sniffling and whuffling her.   ClaraJane starts stroking Mom’s nose gently, like we do the bunny named Boomer who famously fell asleep one time while we did that and then woke up startled.

CJ:  Who’s da mamma?  Who’s a good mamma?  You are!  You’re da mamma!

MOM:  [Holds tongue out panting like a happy doggo, “falls asleep” and then wakes up suddenly.]

CJ:  [Cracks up laughing.]  You’re a Boomer!!

MOM:  I am NOT.  I’m Generation X!

CJ:  You mean, “Generation “XL!”


BOTH: [Laughing.]

CJ:  You gotta admit that’s a pretty good burn!

MOM:  I admit it!



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