AT RISE Homeschool Edition: Deadly Dishes

Wednesday, April 15th 2020


AT RISE:  Mom has started making breakfast.  Both kids are “working” at their desks.  Mom pauses to think again and peers at Boy suspiciously.

Mom:  Hey Babe. What are you working on?

Gavin:  [Quickly switches screen view and looks up.]

Mom:  Be HONEST.

[They look at each other.]

Mom:  Be honest honey.  With me, and with yourself.

Gavin:  [Sheepishly.]  Watching some guys mountain bike on ridges and stuff.

Mom:  [Exhales. Smiles.]   Sounds awesome.  Why don’t you come help me in the kitchen a little?

Gavin:  OK!  [Hops up and comes into kitchen.]  Want me to unload the dishwasher?

Mom:  That would be fantastic.

Gavin:  OK!  [Starts unloading dishes.]  Are these even clean?

Mom:  Yes.

Gavin:  [Inspecting a couple bowls.]  They don’t look clean.

Mom:  Lemme see.  [Squints at the bowls.]  Agh, close enough.  We’re not going to die from that…

Gavin:  [Starts to put them away.]

Mom:  TODAY.

Gavin: [Bursts out laughing.]


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