Easter 2020 – Quarantine Edition

Sunday, April 12th 2020


We open our blurry, un-caffeinated eyes and what do we see?

“SURPRISE!” all dressed up, “It’s EASTER!!”


We follow a trail of flower petals to their Easter Baskets:

And Daddy’s hair is RISEN! 


Frolicking in a tradition seems extra sweet during quarantine:  


Then they get busy being kids:


We don’t know how this happened but we have our suspicions:


Daddy works his miracles:

A little restoration:

Daddy with resident Nap Mascot


To conserve eggs, we hid petals instead.  

Though we also found a big black and white egg anyway. (?)


Then we made loves notes for loved ones:


We deliver some digitally: 


And brought some cheer in person (from a social distance of course):


We are so blessed that Mom, still the Queen of All She Surveys, gets to self-quarantine at Heather and Joe’s condo in Somerville: 


Back at home ClaraJane joins me for an Extreme-Bunny broadcast (See Ukulele Quarantine #29):


And that’s a wrap on Quarantine Easter.  We may have a shit show of horrors in the White House, but at least the Easter Bunny knows what’s going on:

He even follows scientific recommendations and EVERYTHING.


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  1. Bubble Wow says:

    words fail…XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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