Homeschool Headmistress: Good God Friday

Good God Friday, April 10th 2020


CJ practices online math in the Homeschool.


Today we enjoy a reprieve in the onslaught of materials from the schools long enough to assess where the hell we are, what’s going on, what we have missed, and what we’re gonna do about it.  The kids do some self-directed learning.


Gavin whittles with a serious pocket knife while watching videos.


First up I recruit Daddy into the plan.  After a heartwarming breakfast, ClaraJane and I get down to it.  With Daddy as Great Dane Human Therapy Dog by our side, we’re able to do so without lethal explosions; praise be.

We look over what I have missed this past week, which is um, EVERYTHING.  Once we look through it all, I retroactively sign-off on her Workplan for the week:


“OOPS” All done! 


Next up is Gavin.  I learn –in week #4 mind you– there is a magical portal with all his work resources in it:


He already knew this of course (yawn).


Daddy asks CJ if she’s checked out this new reading app her teacher recommended:


(Immediately gets lost in story.)


*I* even get an online lesson… from my bestie ukulele instructor!


Danno at Play it Daily Ukulele. (He even used to be a juggler. Maybe there’s hope for me yet…)


And Boomsy Bun -the latest addition to our family- does some learning on how to be a good, nice, gentlemanly, not-so-rapey- friend.


Although this looks almost exactly like Fluff n’ Nutter, it’s actually Fluff & Boomsy Bun.


He’s the super sweet one:


OK, she’s pretty sweet too… if you like toxic farts.


None of my own work done.  Yes I had a career.  Yes it needs a lot of attention if I’m ever going to reinvent it now or in the future.

But that’s it for today.  It’s time for me to pick a song and try to perform it online and then just muddle down into a drink for the evening.  That’s been my survival strategy so far and today is Day #30.  Or #28.  Whatever.

Good Goddamn Friday is on the books.

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