Pandemic Privileges

Tuesday, April 7th 2020


Our view of a heavenly, Simpsons’ sky.


First The Bad News: 

The more days that pass, the more I’m finding it harder to cope.

That the school district sees fit to send me DOZENS of emails from every direction from my children’s COUNTLESS teachers, boasting expectations, “suggestions” and assisgnments… seems unusually cruel.  I found my career more than challenging before, even when I was on top of my game and actually pulling an income.  Now I have no income AND the need to create my career anew… WHILE holding the homestead and family together, processing the perpetual onslaught of horrific news and performing complicated magical financial gyrations.  I’m stunned.

I kind of freeze sometimes -when I’m not broken down altogether.  And today makes the FIFTH strait school day in a row where I truly wasn’t there for the kids academically.


The Good News: 

We’re healthy!  Our have a home!  It is safe and beautiful.  We have enough food AND each other.

Here’s what “survival” looks like for me today:

1)  First, we blow off the school curriculum and ClaraJane starts her work time with a Grandma “Bubble Wow” inspired art project:


Thanks Bubble Wow!


2)  Gavin starts his day off with a… “Study Break:



3)  Glory be, children are so wise that even when I ignore them they tend towards enriching activities anyway:


CJ reads another Harry Potter (online this time), while Gavin puzzles out the next D&D challenge he’s creating.


4)  I did give a lesson in “Practical Life” today, on “How to Clean a Mirror.”  (For real.)  Then Daddy tackles some financial paperwork and Gavin tackles a spill on the floor… without even being asked!


“Practical Life” indeed.


5)  Daddy sees I’m pretty stressed and fixes us a lil’ daytime bevvy:


My personal Quarantine Bartender. (o:


6)   ClaraJane gets crafty on her own today and constructs this popsicle stick “Pig Pen:”


“In rainbow order.”


7)  Then there’s always “recess.”



8)  So yeah, I’ll drink to all that.


Cheers Manmeat


9)  And try not to think too much about the future:

del day drinkers


10)  So, while some have given up all reason or accountability as they continue to support this “administration” with their Red Hat ideology;  others are fighting merciless body aches and fevers and desperately trying to suck in air with their immobilized lungs;  others still are dying unexpectedly, helpless and alone.  And “we” are “fine.”

Meanwhile it’s a beautiful day here and there’s still time for some nice outdoor learning in the park.  So.  Yeah.  Off we go.

del sad emoji


11)  Outdoor Time.


ClaraJane with Nutter Bun;  Oberhausers Frisbee in the park.


12)  Nightly Music Therapy.



13)  A wonderful meal by Manmeat, and another day on the books.

#25 to be exact.

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5 Responses to Pandemic Privileges

  1. Jane Ann Nelson says:

    Love this post!!!

    Jane Ann Nelson Executive Recruiter and Sales Imprimis


  2. Bubble Wow says:

    A. You are doing a good job. And you are fine. Now try to unclench. For the sake of everyone.
    B. Please stop your references to Red Hat. If you’re not trashing the Red Hat software company, then you’re trashing the Red Hat Society of older women, thus you are being sexist and ageist. I’m not a fan of the society myself, because I have worn red hats all my life and feel those who wouldn’t wear one until they were old were just timid. But you’re also Dead Wrong; it’s not mainly old ladies who support the dump truck, there’s just as many old men, and plenty of young folks of both sexes. I HATE to see people who should know better be too mentally lazy to differentiate among individuals and, instead, categorize everyone they meet. That’s what conservatives do. Don’t be like conservatives.

  3. Hey Mom: 

    Very sorry but I just saw this comment. Seems there is a female-related red hat reference I am missing? 
    By “Red Hats” I mean the Red MAGA Ball Cap that is the modern day equivalent of the pointy white KKK hood. 
    Even if misguided or uninformed I’d rather be either of those things than intellectually lazy.Thanks for speaking up and please LMK. I’m ready to be elucidated.

  4. Bubble Wow says:

    I’m used to MAGA hats being referred to as MAGA hats. But come to think of it, Miles has been hesitant to wear a red fishing hat he has, because it’s red like a MAGA hat. Oh, my god,let’s not allow Repugncants to co-opt the color red, like they’ve co opted the flag. So, as usual, I’m behind the times. And probably nobody knows about the Red Hat Society. I just happen to remember it. But it was a Thing a few years ago. LOLs bragged about now that they were old and didn’t care what people think they would wear red hats, as if wearing a red hat was a really outrageous feminist thing to do. Which it’s not. I’ve always worn red hats. So, don’t mind me, I’m just an outdated old lady. But do be careful about casual generalizing of people. It weakens your argument. We’ve been down that road before.

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