DIY Pandemic Masks

Monday, April 6th 2020

Instead of attending to Le Homeschool today, I sewed masks.


Gavin generously donated his old rockets hip bedsheet for the cause.


Hopefully an upgrade from the hankies we wore the day before:


It is absurd of course that our very lives are now dependent upon the equivalent of stuffing a sock in our mouths.  (See below.)

Worse yet is the unthinkably horrific lack of leadership from The Resident’s administration, and the unabated adulation of his brainwashed followers.  Hopefully they will take his advice and just DRINK THE HYDROCHLOROQUINE.   After they’ve shaken each other’s hand at church on Sunday of course.   Jebus will save them anyways!

Here’s the tutorial I used:


And FWIW here’s



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