Arts and Crafts with the Surgeon General

Saturday, April 4th 2020


Another day in this Bizarro Alternative Universe World.  Yesterday the U.S. Government changed their website to accommodate the First Son-in-Law’s claim that the federal stockpile of protective gear “Isn’t MEANT” for the PEOPLE, and today we have our actual SURGEON GENERAL (where has he been this whole pandemic anyway?) demonstrating ARTS N’ CRAFTS that might kind of maybe help save our lives a little:

Surgeon General Shows How to Make Your Own Face Covering [0:46]:


Though I *am* in the process of learning to sew reusable cloth masks, ClaraJane and I tried our hand at Arts and Crafts for the global pandemic.


It has (has it?)… actually come to THIS.


Meanwhile here is the F#cktard-in-Chief doing an inspirational job of (not in any way) leading by example:

CDC Urges Americans Wear Nonmedical Cloth Masks But Trump Says He Won’t Wear One [1:54]: 


And yes we still have Red Hats who STILL agree with The Orange Ass when he brags about doing such an outstanding job.



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