Sorry Kids, Allowance is Suspended

Thursday, April 2nd 2020

This is the last allowance the kids are getting in the foreseeable future.  I had to tell them that because I have no income I cannot keep paying them.  They don’t seem to mind nearly as much as I do.


The kids invoice me for allowance plus any “Parent Points” they choose to redeem.  Their rate is $1/year of life each week (eg; $8/week for CJ, $11/week for Gavin) plus other earning opportunities.  They put 90% of allowance in savings,  50% of independent earnings in savings, and they can blow the rest on whatever they want.


I normally save ALL the $5 and $10 bills in cash to contribute to Paul’s & my retirement*, but I no longer have enough $1’s or $20’s to pay them this time so I used all the rest of the $5’s and $10’s in the house.

* (About $16,000 worth in 8 years so far, about $40+/week)

Saving lives is more important than money, but I am sad to have lost my income and most of my career.  And even sadder there are still Red Hat Nazi’s in the family and the world supporting this Orange Turd-in-Chief who denied this pandemic as long as possible, holds life saving equipment hostage to his ego, and even to-DAY is more concerned with the stock market than with human lives:


Yes, let’s INCREASE the price of gas while working people cannot work  because “oil & gas industry!”





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1 Response to Sorry Kids, Allowance is Suspended

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Not to mention firing Capt. Crozier for trying to save lives and an intelligence officer for doing his job.

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