AT RISE: L@@k at That Cat

Monday, March 16th 2020

del cat eye binoculars


AT RISE:  It is late at night.  Jennifer and Paul are on the couch.  Kitten is lying relaxed on the miniature couch on the windowsill, but his head is protruding way out like a snake; scanning the whole room with extra large, alert, fully dilated, vacuous, security-camera eyes.  Wife is very maturely all caught up in this drama, pointing and laughing at the cat.

Wife:  [Laughing hysterically.]  I’m serious!  Look at that cat!  LOOK AT HIM!  What is he looking for?  He’s SOOO funny!!  WHY is he SOOO funny?!?

Hubsand:  [Sighs in resignation, gets up off the couch.]

Wife:  [Pulling herself together; stops laughing.  Breathes deeply.]  Babe, I see that you’re heading to bed, and I don’t want to hold you up, but could you please do me one favor?

Hubsand:  ‘Look at that cat?’

Wife:  HAAAA!!!   [Bursting back into hysterics again.]

Hubsand:  [Sighs again.]  Okay…

Wife:  [Straining to speak through giggling fit.]  Oh Babe!  Loving you is so easy because… [chortles] because… [inhales] You know what my jokes are going to be even before I say them!  [Tears of laughter streaming down her face.]

Hubsand:  [Turns away.]  Goodnight!  [Walks out.]

Wife:  [Convulsing on couch in a tangle of giggles and tears, alone.]



del black cat laughing emoji

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