Crazy Bunny Lady Diaries: Boomer’s Check-Up Take Two

Friday, February 28th 2020

Boom-Boom Weighs 1.3kg (~2.85lbs)


I should never have gone to the other vet. He’s not bad, just expensive. And nothing compares to the quality of care, communication and insight offered by Angell Memorial Hospital in Boston. Delight even.

Dry Erase Board in the Exam Room


Dr. Elisabeth was quite charmed by Mr. Romeo, affirming many perceptions and decisions around my small fleet of buns and offering insights I hadn’t yet had. Moreover she cleared him for neutering and walked me through every step, precaution and potential hazard involved in the delicate and potentially dangerous procedure (causing me slight shame for ever joking about ye olde “rubber band” method from livestock tales of yore. Ahem.)


So his Date with Destiny is in a couple weeks, and his hormones should finish “draining” after 4 to 6 weeks. Then maybe he’ll start giving the (three neutered male) cats some reprieve from his unrelenting feverish romantic pursuit, and earn the privilege of finally actually meeting… The Ladies.

Nutter & Fluff Ooh La La


That gives us time for political activism in the meantime, because “Super Tuesday” is coming up and of course Boomer is another BUNNY FOR BERNIE!

Boomer for Bernie


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