Crazy Bunny Diaries Meets Camping

Thursday, February 20th

“Mom you take a picture like that almost every trip we take.” ~Boy


Until now, the strangest thing I have brought camping with me is my wedding dress. But that worked out great because I got to kiss my husband on our tenth wedding anniversary against a stunning sunset backdrop.

In this case, it’s a rabbit.

Bun has decided to ride out this trip ass backwards. (In a diaper.)

It is February Break from school and naturally we are going camping (but in a cabin because it’s winter and we’re not masochists we’re still creatures of comfort).

Thankfully our friend Peter Panic is minding our regular fleet of five lazy, low maintenance beasts.

But little Boom Boom here is neither of those things, and in good faith I can neither leave a house sitter in the company of a frenetic Live Manure Spreader, nor leave lil’ Boo-Boo in a cage for three days.

Not to rub it in or anything but I seem to be the only one around who can like, catch this rabbit and wrestle him into little diapers made out of old socks.

All it comes down to is that for better or worse I am just a Crazy White Lady who took responsibility for this little life and for now I’m minding it no matter what.

He’ll just have to adapt to cabin life for a few days. And avoid the wood burning stove.

Aw look. He’s adapting already.

Bun turned his bum around.


To be continued.



Road trip con Rabbit.


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