Crazy Bunny Lady Diaries: The Desperation of Romeo

Saturday, February 15th 2020

With all the Valentine romance in the air -or the smell of two doe bunnies in estrus idk- “Boomer” has upped his game.



“YOO HOO! Ladies ladies ladies…”


And yes I found a place that will neuter him for less than $900. The first available date to just give him a preliminary EXAM is not ‘til end of the month.

Meanwhile I need his balls off YESTERDAY.

We are so screwed.

So to speak.


PS:  There is not really any such thing as female bunnies in estrus.  Get this:  They ovulate upon coitus… so a pregnancy is -according to the vet- “guaranteed.”  They are “Obligate Ovulators.”   F#ck me. 




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