Crazy Bunny Lady Diary Reboot: Introducing “Boomer!”

Thursday, February 13th 2020


Now HERE’S something NOBODY NEEDS:   A New Bunny.


Meet “Boomer”


Yes it’s true, our brood of animals just grew from FIVE to SIX.  The freecycle Facebook group in my town had this bunny who needs a home, and as a self-anointed bunny expert, I fell for it.


The younger, smaller, more female version Boomer as advertised…


In my defense, we are looking to start replacing the two bunnies I use for work, as they are getting old.  And one of them is getting… cranky.  And yes the kids and even Dear Hubsand got on board with it first, but now I have this Fuzzy Terror flinging around the domicile and I’m asking, “What have I done?”

After making all these preparations to carefully introduce Boomer to the girls -Fluff and Nutter-  naturally Boomer turns out to be a BOY.  So alas they won’t be meeting anytime soon.  The girls are on LOCKDOWN.


Sorry ladies.


Needless to say we have an appointment to see about a little alteration, ahem, down below.  Fuzzy bunny balls may be adorable, but we’ve been down this route before and they gotta GO.

Meanwhile, as I try to figure out what kind of housing arrangement to create for this handsome fella (and WHERE in our tight space, omg)… I marvel at him arranging himself around my housing.

Here he is trying my coffee… and furniture… and…



*Trying* the cat.


Peter Parker is not amused.


Doing as he pleases.  Oh my.  Such a classic BUCK.  We certainly don’t have any self-esteem issues with this one.


M i right… LADIES ???


Oh FFS he’s already taken out a personal ad:



Shit we are in trouble.

facepalm emoji

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