At Rise: I Know That

Thursday, January 9th 2019 ~8:30pm


AT RISE:  It is bedtime.   Mom and ClaraJane are snuggling in (ClaraJane’s) bed.

M:  [Lifts head off pillow and kisses CJ’s juicy cheek a *bunch* of times.   CJ is nearly asleep and does not resist.  Then Mom pulls back the blanket to leave.]

CJ:  [Calmly mumbles unintelligibly.]

Mom:  [Starts to get out.  Pauses.]  Oh that reminds me. There’s one more thing.

CJ:  You’re gonna kiss me again?

Mom:  Well, yeah. [Kisses her cheek some more.]. But there’s still one more thing.

CJ:  [Flatly.] What.

Mom:  [Prolongued, whimsical fart.] Pfff-ffff-uuhr-rrrrt!

CJ:  [Unmoved with eyes closed.]  I know that.  You’ve said that millions of times before.

Mom:  Well ok then I guess there’s nothing more to say.  [Gets up and leaves bed.]



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