Darling Daughter: Despair and Delight

Friday, January 3rd 2019

That time when Australia is burning and the illegitimate fascist Liar-in-Chief is fomenting war in the Middle East and your house is trashed and your foundations are slipping, but you are a mom and your most pressing concern is your daughter who is inconsolable because she can’t find the item she chose for Show & Tell.

You scour the domicile, bribe your son, and call Daddy at school before abandoning your despondent daughter to what will clearly be the worst day ever… forget hopes of her getting her chin up to face her math work in class today.

Then you’re on the bus and you get a video chat from Daddy… showing a triumphantly EXUBERANT daughter because she FOUND her Show & Tell… INSIDE her backpack… (just where you’d advised her to put in the night before).


(It’s a remote control toy mouse she got for Christmas.)


Daddy signs “I love you” before hanging up, and you finish your commute to work.

And you celebrate that *some* things are well in the world.


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performing artist, mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, niece... just a regular extraordinary person
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1 Response to Darling Daughter: Despair and Delight

  1. Jane Ann Nelson says:

    And that is all that matters!

    Jane Ann Nelson Executive Recruiter and Sales Imprimis


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