Saturday, December 21st 2019


AT RISE:  Mom is slowly waking up on Saturday morning to find herself mashed between Dear Hubsand and Dear Daughter ClaraJane.

ClaraJane:  [Lying with her head propped up in her hand, whispering to herself]  Darn it darn it darn it darn it darn it darn it darn it…

Mom:  [Rolls over and puts arms around daughter and snuggles in half asleep, eyes still closed.]

CJ:   Mom can I tell you about my dream?

Mom:  Um…

CJ:  So I was in outer space!?  And Gavin was too!?  But we were teenagers, and…

Mom:  [Interrupts]  “TEENAGERS IN SPACE!”

CJ:  Mo-om!  OK, so we were in outer space!?  But we could breathe out there?!  And…


CJ:  Mom!


CJ:  [Laughing]  MOM!

Mom:  [Silent, smiling, holding her breath.]

CJ:  You can laugh you know.

Mom:  [Surprised] OH!

Both:  [Laughing.]

Mom:  I have permission to laugh in my own bed?

CJ:  [Still laughing] Yes!


CJ:  [Earnestly]  So can I finish telling you my dream?

Mom:  [Still sleepy]  Shhh… yes baby but not right now.  It’s Quiet Time.

CJ:  Oh so can I leave?

Mom:  [Wraps arms and legs around daughter]  Yes but you’ll need permission.

CJ:  [Stuck, laughing.]  Ugh!

Mom:   You can leave, [opens arms and legs and then shuts them again] but for a limited time only [clamps back down].

CJ:  [Stil stuck.]  Mo-om!

Mom:  OK fine.  GO.  [Releases her.]

CJ:  [runs out]

Mom:  And don’t come back!

Cats:  [Enter bedroom, jump on bed and proceed to purr all over Mom & Dad.]



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