AT RISE: Mother Daughter Bedtime

Friday, December 6th 2019

mother daughter kitties.jpg


AT RISE:   It is bedtime.  Mom and ClaraJane are settling down after a lot of horseplay, giggling and nonsense.  They are snuggling as ClaraJane reads Harry Potter (#6!) in bed.

Mom:  [Interrupting.]  ClaraJane I need to tell you something.

CJ:  [Stops reading.]  You love me?

Mom:  [Mouth agape, incredulous.]  How did you know?!

CJ:  It’s not exactly a secret.

Mom:  [Nods in agreement.]  Fair point.

CJ:  [Resumes reading.]


Mom:  [Interrupting again.]  ClaraJane there’s something else I have to tell you.

CJ:  [Stops reading again.]  What is it?

Mom:  You’re a terrible person.

CJ:  I know.  [Resumes reading again.]

Mom:  You don’t even care do you?

CJ:  Yeah I don’t!

Mom:  [Resumes snuggling.]



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