It’s Open Honey, Go Ahead

Friday, November 22nd 2019


When the children hop off the yellow school bus this afternoon, us moms are still mid-chat.  Rain is pouring down, so ClaraJane starts trying to physically pry me from the conversation.  And because I have the car parked right there on the corner, I say, “It’s open honey, go ahead!”

After parting ways with the moms, I turn around and the car is empty.  I look around and where is she?  I peer inside the little bespoke coffee shop on the corner and see her at the counter.  I go inside just in time to hear the barista say, “OK, hot chocolate?  Small or medium?”

“Medium please,” ClaraJane replies.

“I meant go inside the CAR honey!” I say, “Wow.  My back is turned one moment and you’re ordering HOT CHOCOLATE?”

She starts giggling.  “You said, ‘It’s open go ahead!'” says ClaraJane.

“That’ll be five dollars and eight cents,” says the barista.



Well played, big little girl!

Mom:  0

ClaraJane:  1

Gypsy Place Cafe:  $5.08 (plus tip)


A costly error on my part.  (Imagine; momentary indulgence in grownup conversation, the horror!)  Adorable manipulation on my daughter’s part.  We find a spot by the window to enjoy her cunning coup.  I nod to a deep gratitude that we can afford this random indulgence, and marvel at the priceless joys of parenthood.


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